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  • Delivery Notes

    1. We’ll strictly follow the delivery time above. We have the right to delay delivery or suspend delivery service when the bad weather, earthquakes, floods, fires, snowstorms and other natural disasters occurs, or due to the government actions such as transportation limited or transit closure.
    2. If your shipping address is the business address, please inform us. We might postpone the delivery time on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
    3. Before you sign for the purchase order form, please check your items inside the box to ensure they are in good condition. And keep the delivery box carefully if you would like to make any returns or refunds.
    4. On your final check before signing, you should confirm the order number, packaging and product quality. Should you notice any faulty item, you may refuse the product. We are not responsible for return/exchange once you have signed the form.
    5. After confirming your order, please pay attention to the delivery time and schedule your time to receive your order. When you are not home to receive your order, we will return your order to customer service centre. Our representative will contact you to reschedule the delivery time and redeliver the products, and we will charge you delivery fee twice in this case.
    6. In order to maintain freshness and safety of products in transit, we arrange them inside boxes before they are delivered. The refrigerated products are shipped using the heat insulating packaging and ice.
    7. Please note if there is any damage to the products during the transportation by third party delivery or self -pickup, we would not offer returns and exchange for them.
    8. We will issue an invoice for the products you purchased if you request in the order form.
    9. If you have any question or concern, please contact customer service for details.
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