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  • FAQ

    1. How to place an order?

    (1) Sign up/ Login page

    If you are already our member, please enter your e-mail address and password to log in our site; if you are not, please sign up as our member an log in to get started.

    (2) Select an item and add to shopping cart

    Select the products you want to purchase by click “Add to Cart” button and confirm the selected products showed on that page.

    (3) Go to shopping cart, click CHECK OUT button
    (4) Insert shipping information

    Please insert the valid shipping information, choose home delivery to receive your order or pickup at our store. If you have any particular request, please write it down on message board or call our customer service at 400-811-1797.

    (5) Select a payment option

    Currently, we accept collect-on-delivery.

    (6) Complete the order

    Confirm the order content which includes delivery and payment information, product’s name, quantity, discount, shipping fees and total price. You can not modify your order after clicking “CONFIRM” button. Therefore, please verify all the order information carefully.

    (7) Confirm the order

    Our customer service will verify the accuracy and validity of the information after you submit them, and then they will send you a confirmation letter via e-mail which means your order becomes effective immediately.

    2. Can I order by phone?

    Yes. Currently, you may place a phone order by calling 400-811-1797, Monday-Sunday (9:00a.m.-8:00p.m.).

    It is very simple and convenient to order via phone. Call this number and inform us of your name, contact information, e-mail address, item number, shipping address, delivery time, and the payment method. We will complete your order and send you a confirmation letter by e-mail. If there is no dissent with this letter, we will deliver within a certain time.

    3. How to order previous products quickly?

    “Quick Shop” makes your shopping faster and easier. Log in our web first, and come to "browsing history" page. Your previous orders will show on this page. You can reorder your orders here fast.

    4. Can I get the promotional price and bonus points if I order by phone?

    You can still obtain discount on promotional products via phone ordering, but some special offers are only available with online purchase.

    To be applicable to bonus points promotion through phone ordering, you need to become City Shop membership.

    5. Is there a quantity restriction for online products?

    Given the special requirements of some products, we have to restrict the purchase quantity of fresh and refrigerated products. For restriction detail, please review the product information page.

    6. How to calculate the delivery fee for online or phone purchase? What payment methods do you accept?

    The payments include the total sum of your ordered products and the relevant delivery fees.

    If your order includes products which need to be weighed such as vegetable, poultry, meat and cheese, the actual payment will probably be different from the ordered sum due to the difference between the actual package weight and the weight showed on the website.

    A) If you choose collect on delivery, the actual payments comply with the sum showed on the packing list.

    B) If online payments are made, the actual payments comply with the sum showed on the packing list. The deficiency will be collected upon delivery while the overpayment will be refund to your account. The time when the refund arrives in your account varies according to different banks while under normal circumstances the refund will arrive in your account within 15 working days after the confirmation of the refund.

    C) Please note there is no discount for our collaborative card online.

    Concerning delivery fee and payment methods, please refer to "help → payment" and "help → shipping and delivery".

    7. Which products are based on their actual weight? For those products, how the price calculated?

    Some products such as vegetables, meats, cheeses vary a little in size and weight. While you shop we show an estimated weight and price for everything priced by the kilogram. On the day of delivery we assemble your order and weigh each item to determine its final price.

    For example, orange is ¥13 per kilo, two oranges are packed in 1 box, estimated weight is 0.5 kilo. If you buy 2 boxes of oranges, the estimated price should be ¥13. However, actual weight for them is 0.9 kilo. So the exact values for 2 boxes of oranges should be ¥11.70. Therefore, we will charge you ¥11.70 as final price.

    Due to the frequent price fluctuations of fresh food, the prices on the delivery day may be different from those when you make the order. Thus, your actual payments comply with the sum showed on the receipt or the packing list of City Shop Online Store.

    8. How to revise and cancel the order?

    Login and visit “My AccountMy Order”. You can check your order status with order number. If the order has already entered the shipping process, you are unable to modify it. In this case, please call or email customer service for help. We will revise or cancel the order according to actual situation.

    9. How does my order stay fresh during transit and delivered to the assigned place on time?

    We have experienced delivery personnel and exclusive delivery network. Once you submit your order, it will enter the shipping process very quickly so we can deliver it to the assigned place within a certain time.

    In order to maintain freshness and safety of the products in transit, we arrange them inside boxes before they are delivered. The refrigerated products are shipped using the heat insulating packaging and ice. We do all the right things to make sure your food gets to you in top quality.

    10. Can I return/exchange products which have quality problems? How?

    Within 24 hours after you sign the purchase order form, if you are dissatisfied with any item in your order for quality problems, we guarantee that you can exchange and return it with the original receipt. We do not accept exchange and return of the following items:

    • The products purchased from sellers other than www.cityshop.com.cn;
    • The products have been opened, except the quality issue;
    • The products are shown on the purchase order form which has been lost, altered or damaged;
    • Any product missing the original packing;
    • Quality issues cause by improper use and preservation;
    • The giveaways without quality issue;
    • The products directly returned to customer service without a confirmation;
    • The request for exchange/return more than 24 hours after delivery has been signed off;
    • The products in question due to personal preference

    Please see the following Returns and Exchange details:

    (1) Requesting Exchange/Return at Delivery

    Please inspect your order immediately once you receive it. If there should be any quality problem, you can request an exchange/return when you pickup from our store; or refuse to pay when you receive it. The issues will be discussed with you through customer service and if necessary, our representative will be sent to assist you at you home.

    Tips: Due to the particular storage conditions of breads, cheese, fresh or frozen items, please check the quality on delivery before you sign off the package, and contact our customer service timely if you find any quality issues. We will not take responsibility to exchange/return these products after you sign off on final approval.

    (2) Exchange/Return within 24 Hours

    If you are not satisfied with the quality of your order (except for fresh and refrigerated food), please contact our customer service within 24 hours after you sign the purchase order form. Our personnel will be sent to assist you at your house.

    (3) Charge for Exchange/Return

    If you request for a return at delivery, we will deduct the corresponding amount from the total.

    If you request for any exchange/return within 24 hours, please contact our customer service in advance. Upon confirming, our representative will assist you at your house in total refund, replacement, exchange and offsetting the difference.

    If the return/exchange is due to quality issue, no additional delivery fee will be charged.

    If the return/exchange is due to personal preference, customers should be responsible for part or full amount of the additional delivery charge. This extra charge is based on total purchase amount and relevant shipping fee. Please contact customer service for details.

    11. What if I am not home to receive my order?

    Our personnel will call you immediately if you are not at home to receive orders. You may authorize some one to pay and receive orders on your behalf. If there is no one can do that for you or we cannot reach you, all the orders will be sent back to customer service centre. And we will leave you a notepaper if possible. Please contact us once you see it.

    12. What is City Shop Points?

    After registering as a member for City Shop, you can earn points by purchasing online. You could check your points balance and record on “My account → My Points”.

    Your points are not transferable and they are not exchangeable for cash. Extra delivery fee are needed when exchanging relevant products only on “City Shop Points Rewarding Center”.

    13. How to manager My Account?

    Log in and visit “My Account” page. This page contains links for editing your personal info, setting address book, and information of previous orders, wish lists and ongoing order status. In order to improve our service quality, please keep all your account information current.

    City Shop reserves the right of final decision in any disputes of terms above.

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