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  • Invoice

    1. Invoice Policy

    (1) About the Invoice

    For providing better services with more efficiences and conveniences, according to China Tax Law and Tax Administration Department, the invoice issued by City Shop online store titled in "上海城市国际企业发展有限公司" is legal and valid.

    (2) Invoice Information

    Invoice Title and Details

    • Please specify your title and the following when invoicing, or else we will default to your personal invoice assorted to "food".
    • If you want your invoice titled in any specific company please complete with full name of the company. You can assort it to "food", "daily necessaries", or "office necessaries".

    2. Invoicing Issue

    When you purchasing at City Shop online store or via phone ordering, the invoice issued by "上海城市国际企业发展有限公司" will be sent to you with product(s) you ordered.

    We will not issue you an invoice if you specified you do not need one.


    • The invoice issued by City Shop online store is appliable for reimbursement.
    • Each invoice is for one order at a time. Invoice will be sent with the package while VAT invoice will be sent within 15 days after completing the order.
    • Money amount shown in the invoice offered by City Shop online store includes delivery fee.
    • Money amount shown in the invoice can not be higher than the order.
    • We will not issue you an invoice if you use cash voucher for purchasing.
    • As a club member of City Shop, we will issue you an invoice when you top up your club card. No invoice will be issued when you purchase later.

    3. Re-invoice/ Invoice Exchange Issue

    (1) You can require an re-invoice or exchange invoice within 1 month of your order.

    (2) When re-invoicing, you need to show the details(packing list) of your order.

    (3) When you submit your order without requiring an invoice, you can send email to customerservice@cityshop.com.cn or dial 400-811-1797 (service line) to re-invoice. Please specify your order number, invoice title, invoice content, post address, post code, and your name.

    (4) Please contact our customer service stuff within the appointed period if any information on the invoice we issued is wrong. Please check all your info again and after double-checking, you can choose the specific date, address, or any delivery issue.

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