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  • Online Shopping Procedure

    Log in → Select goods → Add to cart → Order generation → Online payment/COD → Take delivery → After-sales service

    1. Search for Specific Product

    We offer you a convenient and exceptional online shopping experience with flexibly customized research options.

    (1) Direct Search Enter the names or keywords of the product in the search bar, click the search button, and review the search results.
    (2) Category Search Enter keywords on homepage, and choose main category.

    2. View Product

    Based on your preference, click the picture of this particular product on the research page, you will reach the detail page that shows the product’s origin, size, composition, characteristics, and other related contents.

    3. Add to Shopping Cart

    You can add any product you fancy; log in and make payment to shopping cart in lump. Or add product(s) to wish list and check out later.

    4. Edit Your Shopping Cart

    To delete or revise the order or add item to cart, click “shopping cart” button at the right top of the page, visit the order summary page, and then modify them. You can find the items you wish to buy from “my accountwish list”, and you can also add them to shopping cart by clicking them.

    Tips: The items will remain in your cart if they have not entered the shipping process. During this time, the price, quantity and discount range may change. Therefore, the exact amount will be reflected in the final total at checkout.

    5. Fill in the Order

    After you confirm the quantity and price of the items in the shopping cart, click CHECK OUT button then reach the page to confirm the order. Please enter your valid information for delivery and payment.

    Tips: Currently, we offer home delivery service, or you can pick it up at our store. We deliver within a certain time after you place your order. If you would like to schedule a specific time for delivery, please write down the timeslot at message board. After you receive the items, you can pay by either cash or debit/credit card. Please see delivery and payment for details.

    6. Complete the Order

    Please verify the information you fill out, the accuracy of the information is crucial to the efficiency and quality of delivery service.

    Tips: Click ORDER COMPLETE button to submit the order after you confirm the information. You can check the order detail through MY ORDER, or print it out if you like. Orders that have been submitted cannot be modified by yourself, please contact customer service right away for any change to your order.

    7. Confirm the order

    Customer service personnel will verify the accuracy and validity of the information after you submit them as soon as possible; they will then send you a confirmation letter via e-mail which means your order becomes effective immediately upon this letter.

    8. Receiving and payment

    According to your order, we sorts items and assemble them into complete orders within a certain time. We offer collect-on-delivery service. Please make the full payments once you receive your order, no credit is given at out shop.

    9. After-sales Service

    We provide reliable and circumspect after-sale service, if you are dissatisfied with any item in your order, please contact customer service.

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